Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Two Weddings - Two New Homes 2

Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov - Yes, 2 weddings and 2 NEW homes.

The gifts are slowly trickling in. One couple has had their Tallit sponsored and above we see a few more gifts. 

If you can make out the different items there are:
  • a few table cloths 
  • a set of 6 glass mugs on top of them
  • A toaster, two sets of Kitchen utensils
  • a few dish clothes
  • a small pot
  • a dish for salad or veggies and
  • a cute container to put pens on a desk or next to the phone. 
It is very heartwarming to see these gifts coming in. But, we have Two Weddings and that means TWO new homes. Please don't leave this blog yet.


How about a set of towels. How about a set of pots or at least a few more pots. How about a set of dishes for the Shabbos table.

The weddings are on 29 Kislev and 2 Tevet. That is just 2 weeks away.

Please make a donation to help buid these new homes. Please don't leave these couples returning home to an empty room with only a few pillows or a set of sheets and the few gifts slowly trickling in.

If you live in Jerusalem or Beitar Illit and wish to donate a new item, please email us. Time is of the essense and there is much still needed.

If you have a store and can donate items from your Maaser or you make any household items and can donate an item, what better way to promote your business than by assisting to build up a new home. We need to know what items you will be donating to screen for appropriateness and quality. However, if you donate an item from your store, you can include a business card. Who knows, perhaps when they are more established they will come back to you with business.

Anyone wanting another option? Purchase a lovely gift from our online store and a percentage goes to assist this and other Kallot.

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