Sunday, 1 January 2012

FaceFacts by Lori Supports Bayit Chadash Gemach

Managing a Gemach to assist needy orphan Kallot and Chatanim can be a lot of fun. Sometimes takes quite a bit of leg work, but there is a lot of fun involved. 

Usually we don't work on Fridays, so what do you do when a phone call comes through that there is a parcel from Chutz LeAretz and its on its way. Yes, on Friday. Well, go and collect it was the way we responded.

What fun to receive 3 purple bags. I love purple so we were already on to a good start. Then I opened one and recognised the brand of goodies immediately. More lipsticks from Lori. How exciting!! But Shabbos was coming so we closed up the purple bags and waited till after Shabbos.

Below you can see what we found in these lovely purple bags.

In the image above, you can see some lipsticks, lip liners, eye creams, eye liners and a few facial creams.

Then we opened another purple bag and found stunning blushers too and a few more facial creams

Have a look at the wonderful products for our new Kallot. Here we added some other gifts that have come in to a lipstick, lip liner and facial cream from FaceFacts by Lori

What do you think of the package, is it coming together for items for a new Kallah? What would you add for her Mikvah Package? Please let us know what you think might be missing. 

If you have a product you can donate to our Bayit Chadash Gemach, we would be happy to hear from you. If you can donate in terms of money to purchase another needed item for the Mikvah Package of a new Kallah, do email us too.

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