Sunday, 22 January 2012

Help an Orphan Chatan

Our Bayit Chadash Gemach has another couple to assist. Our latest couple are two Olim Chadashim. The Chatan was orphaned from his father when a young teen. Over the period of 3 months he lost his father, uncle and grandfather. Things have not been easy for this young Chatan, but Baruch Hashem he is now in Eretz Yisrael and about to come to Chuppah.

His Kallah also has no family support and was sadly dis-owned by her parents.

The Chuppah is scheduled for Zayin Shvat 5772.

We need a driver to drive the Kallah to her Chuppah. We need donations for:
a new suit for the Chatan, new shirt for him, a Shtender, Judaica and Seforim.

We need some couples in Nachlaot / Sharei Chessed / Old City areas to host Sheva Brachos for them.

We don't have much time for this couple, so please donate generously and quickly. 

If you have a store and can donate items from your Maaser or you make any household items and can donate an item, what better way to promote your business than by assisting to build up a new home. We need to know what items you will be donating to screen for appropriateness and quality. However, if you donate an item from your store, you can include a business card. Who knows, perhaps when they are more established they will come back to you with business. 

Anyone who has a NEW item to donate towards their new home, please be in touch via our email

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