Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mishloach Manos 2 for 5772

More images of our Mishloach Manos. Prices coming soon, so stay tuned.

 These two Mishloach Manos (i.e. above and directly below) are of the lower price range. Containers can be changed if you prefer a basket or other container.The above Mishloach Manos, packaged and ready to go sells at ₪ 80 plus delivery.

 This Mishloach Manos is "Something Fishy" It contains a glass dish in the shape of a fish, with two tins of Sardines (differing flavours), a packet of cracker biscuits, chocolate money as the bubbles and decorated with real sea shells, atop rafia, with folded paper as seaweed. This is placed on a clear plastic tray. Packaged and ready to go it sells for ₪ 80 excluding delivery.

 The above image is a Mishloach Manos is arranged on a stunning glass platter with golden roses. The food items include Jelly BonBons, a packet of nuts, a container of dried Paypaya, mini chocs and sprinkled with rose petals. An additional gift of two blue candles is a token of increasing light in your home.

The image below is of the same Mishloach Manos packaged and ready to go. Your message can be added on the reverse side of the handmade Purim Tag. Packaged and ready to go, this sells at ₪ 165 plus delivery

 The image above is of a beautiful square glass dish filled with mini rice cakes and 3 tubs of mini peanut butter, a container of dates, a packet of nuts sprinkled with potpouri. In the back you see two wooden fun percussion instruments, hand painted.

The image opposite shows the same Mishloach Manos packaged and ready to go. The Purim tag is awaiting your message on the reverse side. Packaged and ready to go, this sells at ₪ 130
The above image is a small glass bowl with a mini wine, mini glass, packet of chocolate buttons, tea biscuits. It will come packaged as the others are.

Packaged and ready to go, the above Mishloach Manos sells for ₪ 70 plus delivery.

Please do be in touch with Shoshanah. Let us know which of the Mishloach Manos you prefer.

Proceeds go towards our Bayit Chadash Gemach.

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