Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mishloach Manos

9 Mishloach Manos ready to go, photos to follow. Whose ready to order? Proceeds goes to our Bayit Chadash Gemach
The Mishloach Manos will be delivered on Purim in Jerusalem and surrounding area, OK Shushan Purim in Jerusalem. You can purchase for a friend or family or treat a needy family. 
Orders welcome too.
This years Mishloach manos are fun, fun, fun. Been a lot of fun putting them together. We have several still to go.
Here's the first one. Anyone for Tea?
The image above shows 6 cream coloured cups and saucers with 2 Halvas, and a number of tea biscutis and mini chocs scattered in between. The cups are presented on a lovely white tea tray and coverd in celophane. The card or tag is waiting for your wording before being added.
 These are from a previous year. Just some ideas for those wanting to order specially rather than purchasing one of the ready made Mishloach Manos.
 Please come back to visit or email for further details. More images to be added as they are ready, prices coming too.


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