Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Marriage, Shidduchim and more

I was recently talking to a young mother who asked for guidance with her marriage. She has been maried for nearly 10 years and is struggling as she and her husband have nothing in common. The more we spoke the more I enquired why did you consider this Shidduch would work. Aside from his being Jewish and single and your being Jewish and single, what basis was there for the Shidduch? For this woman and women like her, the only route now is to work on the marriage and try to find something upon which to create common interests and Shalom Bayis. 

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you can email Shoshanah for sessions to work on your role as wife and mother and together to set goals and action plans to help you make your marriage work.

Though intervention after marriage does work, we far prefer preventative measures and hence have a comprehensive Shidduch service. Our Structured interview is aimed to find out exactly who you are and who might be best suited to you as a life partner. If you don't know, not to worry, you can book a session or a few with either Shoshanah or Rabbi Eliyahu to discover what kind of home is ideal to you, your interests and personality.

Marriage is important and should be both rewarding and fulfiling. Book your session TODAY for:
- Shidduchim
- To work towards what your ideal marriage should be
- Torah learning regarding a Torah home
- Sessions to improve your role as Jewish wife and mother.

Email us for further info and to book your appointment.

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