Monday, 9 July 2012

Mazal Tov! New Weddings - New Homes

This is a stunning gift donated to a new couple. 

Are you looking for a beautiful way to help those orphaned as children? Did you consider the needs and heartache or difficulty for a Jew, orphaned as a child who now prepares for their upcoming wedding?

We have a special Bayit Chadash Gemach, focused on assisting needy orphan Chatanim and Kallot and we need your help. If orphan-charity is important to you, or helping to bring kindness into the world by strengthening those less fortunate than you are, then you have come to the right place.

We have two new couples who have approached us. One is a Kallah who was orphaned at a young age from her father and is planning to get married at the beginning of Elul. The other is a Chatan, also orphaned as a child from his father and coming to Chuppah, G-d willing on 19th Av.

The three weeks are naturally a hard time for all of Am Yisrael. Imagine the added heartache of someone planning a wedding with no father to turn to for advice. No father to walk them to them to Chuppah. No father to give the traditional blessing of the father to the Kallah at the time of the Bedeken. No father to assist either with wedding expenses or more importantly with setting up the new home for the happy couple.

True, there are many who say just go and get a job, any job, even minimal wage. But a minimum wage job won't pay all the expenses for a wedding or for setting up a proper Kosher new home. Imagine all the things required to fulfill Mitzvos. Just the needs for the Shabbos table on its own amount to an expense more than these young Chatan and Kallah have to outlay for their own new home.

So we turn to you, the caring Yidden and ask for generous donations. You can donate from Maaser or Tzeddakah by purchasing a gift voucher for one of our orphans, purchasing a gift or donating of your services. You are also welcome to volunteer.  Remember, the Mitzvah of Hachnasat Kallah is big enough to be mentioned in the morning blessings to be amongst the Mitzvos too great for reward in this world. So please donate generously.

Thank you in advance for your kindness.


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