Thursday, 20 September 2012

Personal Torah Tuition Online - or in Person

Have you considered increasing your Torah learning during 5773?
Perhaps you have a special Sefer you'd love to learn but lack the skills to learn alone?
Perhaps your schedule does not permit you to attend a Shiur (class) or to take time off to learn in Yeshiva or Kollel.

We have the perfect solution for you, but you don't have to hear my thought, here's a recommendation from a happy student. What a perfect business card.

"I have been fortunate to learn Mishnah Berurah with Rabbi Shear, and I recommend him most highly.  Rabbi Shear is an outstanding educator, patient and understanding, and just an all-around kind and gentle human being.  His knowledge of Torah, combined with his outstanding middos, make him perfect for any job which requires a Talmud Chachum of an extremely high caliber."
-- Daniel Irom

you are busy in the office 

or preparing for a trip..

Whether you are still at school or approaching retirement, Rabbi Shear is happy to teach you in person or via Skype with webcam. He teaches individually or in groups and comes highly recommended.

Please visit our website and sign up for your Torah learning online or in person.

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