Friday, 25 January 2013

Yibaneh Yerushalayim Continues

 Article written by Azriel Winnett

Yibaneh Yerushalayim (May Jerusalem be Rebuilt) is a full color magazine geared to helping people set up a new home, after marrying or making aliyah to Israel, in accordance with authentic Jewish values. With a modern layout and printed on quality paper, it is produced to high professional standards. Its stimulating content includes informative articles by experts prominent in their respective fields and inspiring Torah tips, as well advertising offering quality products and services suitable for the publication's target readership. Distribution is  currently free.

Two issues, which were distributed in the Jerusalem area and throughout Israel, have already been published. The feedback had been extremely positive and it is clear that many people are very eagerly awaiting the third issue, which is now in an advanced stage of preparation. This issue boasts new features and many more articles. You can preview one of them: How Our Emotions Affect Our Relationships by clicking here.

This magazine is part of our expanding Chesed ve'Emet organization that is engaged in disseminating Torah knowledge and values in various ways and in a wide range of chesed activities. In particular, the journal is a component of our Partners in Life program, which provides important services for people preparing to marry, both during their search for the right partner and for long afterwards. This also includes the Bayit Chadash project, which helps in a very practical way less privileged engaged and newly married couples (with a focus on empowering orphans) who simply lack the means for all that is essential for a new Jewish home. Couples we have helped in the past have found it difficult to find the right words to express their deep gratitude for this critical support.

We have great plans for upcoming issues of Yibaneh Yerushalayim. We know that it fills a genuine need and has enormous potential for making a real difference to people's lives. But if we are to continue with this project, we are compelled to appeal to the generosity of those to whom the Jewish family as the cornerstone of Torah-based Jewish life is precious.

As our publication is still new, potential advertisers - on whom we eventually will rely to meet the bulk of our publishing costs - understandably want to see that it will last and be effective before making a decision to advertise with us. Of course, this places us in a paradoxical predicament. Similarly, without basic capital, it is also difficult for a new publication like ours to attract the right calibre of sales people to solicit advertising.

With your generous support, we hope it will be possible to publish our next issue very soon even without enough advertising. Your support will also give us the resources to expand distribution of the magazine, and this will in turn help to enable us to attract more and higher-paying advertisers.

In order to make production as efficient and cost effective as possible, we will also need to invest in a computer that is able to handle the necessary graphic design software, as well as to purchase the software itself(Adobe Creative Suite) and other required accessories together. We will then manage to produce the magazine from start to finish on our own, with substantial long-term savings. In addition, we look forward to being able to update our current website making it user friendly, easy to navigate and enjoyable to use - packed with projects and information to assist our community.

Please become a partner with us in our holy work! We do feel that our modest publication could play a not insignificant role in promoting authentic Jewish values, an important aspect of which is the stability of our family life.
                                              Thank you for your kindness

If you have a service or product related to weddings in Israel and setting up a new home here, please email us for prices to purchase adspace in our next edition. If you know anyone who loves sales, please have them email us.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hachnasat Kallah for a very special couple 2

This stunning set of brand new sterling silver candlesticks was generously donated to Chessed Ve'Emet to assist the Chatan and Kallah who we are currently assisting. The candlesticks were arranged on a brand new silver plated tray kindly donated by another donor, together with a full assortment of toiletries and other necessities for the Kallah, which she will appreciate when she begins to fulfill the Mitzvah of Taharas HaMishpachah.

Each of the items in the basket of toiletries was donated by a different donor. Whether a donation is large or small, as long as it is brand new we are happy to receive it and include it in the various items necessary to begin the new home of these new couples. Everything we give is aimed at giving dignity and honour to the couple marrying, something that every couple is deserving of.

The couple, based in Israel, have been waiting over a year due to difficulties involved in putting the wedding together. We are grateful to be a part of helping them bring it all together.

This Chatan and Kallah are a very special couple. The Kallah does not have parents to assist her and has been raised by her widowed grandmother. She has a disability affecting her walking and hence walks with assistive devices.

The Chatan is almost blind, being able to see only a few centimetres away from his face. His greatest love is studying Torah which he can only do with large print Seforim (Torah books), held very close to his eyes - with his beard flush on the page. 

The picture below shows the Chatan giving Rabbi Eliyahu Shear of Chessed Ve'Emet a letter of thanks for the first few items received as can be seen on the table (the candlesticks on tray and the basket of toiletries.) The couple are in urgent need of some very important items, including but not limited to:
  • A custom made suit for the Chatan due to other physical deformities
  • A number of white shirts to start his married life
  • New shoes for the Chatan which are easy for him to fasten as he cannot manage laces. 
  • A new hat for the Chatan
  • An adjustable quality Shtender to assist with his learning
  • A trolley for the Kallah to take food or other items to her Chatan (soon to be husband) as her hands are usually holding her walking aides
  • A list of necessary Torah books for the Chatan, vital to every Jewish home. Anyone wanting to donate can enquire as to the books he is in need of.
  • Bookshelves for his books
  • A few sessions of occupational therapy to assist this couple to adjust to married life with their combined and varied disabilities. These sessions will be provided by Shoshanah Shear and are not offered through the National Health. The couple are not able to pay for private sessions.
If you would like to assist any of our orphan Chatanim and Kallot, please visit our website and support our services or purchase a gift voucher to sponsor either a gift or service for our couples. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hachnasat Kallah for a Special Couple 1

There are a few categories of people who are thought to be dead while they are alive. The blind is one of these, the poor is another, a barren woman is another. The reason for this classification is that the blind or poor or barren are unable to serve Hashem correctly.

We are assisting a very special couple to come to Chuppah and set up their new home. The Chatan is legally blind, though he can read large print very close to his eyes sometimes with magnificaiton. This Chatan's only joy is to daven and study Torah. One of his few requests for his new home is some Seforim with large print so that he can continue learning.

Both Chatan and Kallah are on disability grants and need our assistance for basics for their new home. Due to other disabilities, the Chatan also requires his suit and hat to be custom made to fit his unique measurements.

If you have new items for their new home, please email us. If you have Maaser or Tzeddakah that you are able to donate, please purchase a gift voucher to assist our orphan couples.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hachnasat Kallah for a Special Couple

We were approached to assist a young couple marrying in just a few weeks. The Chatan is legally blind plus other physical disabilities. He can only read large print very close up. He spends his days and nights learning in Yeshiva which is his love. The Chatan's father is blessed with 10 children and has already married off 8. One can only imagine the expenses involved.

The Chatan's Kallah has special needs, including the need to walk with assisted mobility. Though her parents are alive she has no practical parental support and is raised by her widowed grandmother. 

Due to the special needs involved, this Shidduch has taken a year to work on and needs to come to Chuppah. 

We are appealing to everybody who can assist in some way to please assist as soon as possible.

If you have any new items to donate to assist please email Shoshanah

Thank you for your assistance

Shoshanah Shear


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