Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hachnasat Kallah for a Special Couple 1

There are a few categories of people who are thought to be dead while they are alive. The blind is one of these, the poor is another, a barren woman is another. The reason for this classification is that the blind or poor or barren are unable to serve Hashem correctly.

We are assisting a very special couple to come to Chuppah and set up their new home. The Chatan is legally blind, though he can read large print very close to his eyes sometimes with magnificaiton. This Chatan's only joy is to daven and study Torah. One of his few requests for his new home is some Seforim with large print so that he can continue learning.

Both Chatan and Kallah are on disability grants and need our assistance for basics for their new home. Due to other disabilities, the Chatan also requires his suit and hat to be custom made to fit his unique measurements.

If you have new items for their new home, please email us. If you have Maaser or Tzeddakah that you are able to donate, please purchase a gift voucher to assist our orphan couples.

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