Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hachnasat Kallah - URGENT Help needed

We have just been approached by a couple who are both Baalei Teshuvah and Olim Chadashim. Neither have family to assist them. The wedding is scheduled for THIS Sunday. We have ONLY a few days to get this together. Please help us make this happen.

The Chatan learns half day and works half day but is not able to bring in enough to cover basics, let alone the wedding or setting up the new home.

Already in just a few hours there is a Hall, food, music, a photographer, potential of a veil for the Kallah. Depending on size, possibly a dress for the Kallah.

The couple still needs, table cloths, dishes and silverware for the tables, flowers for the Kallah. Hair and make-up for the Kallah. A chair and or to decorate a chair for the Kallah. Shoes for both Chatan and Kallah. A Hat for the Chatan and Mitpachot for the Kallah. A new suit for the Chatan. Dancers to come and fulfill the Mitzvah "Le Samech Et HaKallah" There are 100 guests invited all from the Yeshiva, not all will be able to attend. There is no-one for the Kallah.

The Kallah needs someone to drive her to the wedding and the Yeshiva Bocharim need a bus to take them to the wedding. The Chatan is also in need of a Tallit.

For the new home, this couple so far have nothing. They need beds, a stove or toaster oven, washing machine, dishes, towels, linen, candle sticks, Kiddush cup, Havdallah set, table clothes, Shabbat outfit for the Kallah, Kapota for the Chatain.

We have a recommendation from Rabbi Ulman, Senior Dayan of the beit Din in Sydney and a letter of recommendaiton from Rabbi Shalom Arush.

We have only a few days to put this together. If you can assist with donations of maaser, new items for the new home, services for the wedding, or you can host Sheva Brachos please email us URGENTLY

You can see the story on our website

Thank you for your kindness

Shoshanah Shear
Bayit Chadash Gemach

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