Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Leiv Esther, the next phase begins

A few years ago, I started this blog as a continuation of the example my grandparents have made of their acts of loving kindness, their amazing respect for others and their dedication to one another. My late grandmother was Esther. My Grandfather Yehuda Leib, I used a play on the name Leib to Leiv, meaning heart. The heart of Esther. Queen Esther of course was one of the lead characters in the Purim story, a time of our redemption. We are taught that the world will receive a final redemption partly from acts of loving kindness.

It has taken me more than a week to write this post. Sadly, my beloved grandfather left this world on 5th Kislev 5774. His passing is a real loss to the world. For those who never knew my late grandfather, 
Prof V.L. Granger, stay tuned as we gradually share a few teachings from his inspiring life. Stay tuned for the book of the lessons learned from my Grandparents, bli neder we'll notify you when it is ready. One fact I wish to share here is that my grandfather sustained a war injury during WW2 and when he returned from the war, instead of being bitter or applying for a disability grant, he worked hard to achieve full independence and to go on to build and assist others. He achieved a lot and helped many. Following his example, I began using my personal and professional skills to gradually build a Torah - healing centre. 

The posts on this blog outline much of our journey. In the merit of a very special couple Esther bat Nachum Dov Ber a"h and Yehuda Leib ben Yosef a"h I ask you to join us in striving further to make this centre a reality. On our website you will find much of the work we are involved in.

Our current major project is the development of our Bayit Chadash Gemach, helping needy orphan Chatanim and Kallot to set up their new home at the time of getting married. Some months ago we added our Bayit Chadash store which aims to be one of several ways to raise money for the progress of this project and our centre. Our Bayit Chadash Gemach and store is, thank G-d developing steadily. We currently need your assistance to obtain clothing racks (even the cost of having someone collect clothign stands offered as a donation is an expense we need your help to cover), stands / shelves for more items to make the store organised, a bookshelf to shelve the over 200 books donated thus far towards the start of our lending library. We are also in need of either an Ikea cupboard / storeroom for those additional items not on a current sale or an outside storeroom. Or assitance to go one step further which would be to move to larger premises as donations are coming in faster than sales.

We are also in need of volunteers especially to assist with our sales.

If you have skills and time and would like to be involved in what we are developing, please do be in touch. If you would like to purchase an item, some of the items are on our website, there are very many more in our Bayit Chadash store so do try to come in person. If you are able to make a donation of Maaser or Tzeddakah to assist in developing a special Torah Centre, please do so via our website. If you would like to book a shiur or to sponsor a Torah scholar, please do be in touch. If you are a Chatan or Kallah and are in need of learning the laws of Family Purity, Chessed Ve'Emet offers lessons in the laws of Family Purity both in person and via Skype with webcam. If you would like to have learning carried out in the merit of an Aliyah Neshama of a loved one from a Torah scholar in Eretz Yisrael, please vsiit our website for our service in memory of a loved one.

Please join us in developing Chessed Ve'Emet a centre based on Torah, Tefillah and acts of Loving Kindness. Aspects of the Centre are in the merit of the grandparents listed here. The lending library is also in the merit of my Grandfather Nathan ben Moshe a"h who died at just 35 years and my father Nathan Gershon ben Nathan a"h who was just 46 when leaving this world.

We need your help to progress another step further. Please become an active part in what we are doing. If you live in Israel and are able to visit in person, we are currently in Beitar Illit. We'd love for your to visit and to purchase gift items, art, photographs, Judaica or household items from our developing store. 

Thank you for your assistance and for uniting us to bring merit to my grandparents, my father and G-d willing to Am Yisrael too. 

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