Thursday, 30 January 2014

Moving Sale Continues

Time is marching on and our move is coming closer. We have 10 boxes packes, labeled and ready. We still need an apartment to move to and a moving company. In the meantime, all these clothes and shoes MUST sell before we move. G-d willing we can gather more after we moved.

The clothing we have reduced to just NIS 3 per garment. We have winter coats, sweaters, baby clothes, kids clothes, ladies clothes and these few pairs of shoes. If you can make it to Beitar Illit, it's well worth the effort. If you can come to Ramat Eshkol on 9th Feb from 13h00 - 15h00, please let us know what items you want us to bring through.

For the shoes, make us an offer, if it's reasonable, we'll gladly accept.

Please email us for info of Moving Sale in Beitar Illit and in Ramat Eshkol.

If you take a look at all the clothng, I hope you will realise why clothing rails and stands are now crucial. If you have any Maaser or Tzeddakah to spare, please support our campaign and help us obtain the necessary clothing rails, stands and more to make this Bayit Chadash Store really professional and successful.

More items to be added. Plus, join us for our gift to be given to the one who fulfills the simple request. 
Visit our previous post and find out more

Thank you for your assistance!!

Present Time!!

My Mom taught me when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 
We're moving and in the process we're working on making lemonade. 
How so? We're taking some hardships and turning it to an opportunity to bring light, love and blessings to our fellow Jew.
We invite you to join us and to have fun in the process. So we're giving away some awesome gifts and we invite you to keep watching this blog for the next gift offer and what you need to do to receive it.

What do you say? Are you in? Will  you join us? Let's have some fun, share some lovely items and make this move a successful one. 

Thank you for supporting our campaign, progress and making our move successful. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

We're Moving

We're on our way again. Another move, another move....

Please join us as we blog about places we've seen, where we'll be going to and of course items available on sale or how else you can assist.

Items available include:

-   A few Simchah Gowns (some hand made). 3 Bochochi

Second hand clothing: baby, girls and ladies clothing including brand names (amongst others): Agas, Headline, Blue, Shayu Kid, Seccess, Sitting Pretty, Smudge, Ricci from NY, Furko Tekstil

ח וויה Brand new dishes and household items including Novel, Aspen Glasses,  Kitchen, Al Yakubia made in China, Na'aman, Basic Line, Sundish Glassware, Movix

 -   Toiletries: Dr Fischer, Chic Spa, Dove and more

   We also have books, pictures, albums, wall clocks, linen and more 

  •  Just a few examples of items available. Keep watching this blog for more items and info.

    • Ready to come and purchase? Please email us to make a time. Please remember we are really busy finding suitable alternative premises / apartment, packing, selling etc etc, so please be in touch and make a time we will be in. If we know we'll be here for a few hours, Bli Neder, we'll post hours to stop by.
    Thank you for supporting us and enabling Chessed Ve'Emet to move on to the next exciting stage in the Development of our Centre of Torah and acts of loving kindness.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fundraisers in Jerusalem needed

Anyone good at fundraising?

Anyone have wonderful ideas of how to inspire caring, generous Yidden to assist in developing a very special and needed service and Centre?

We've been trying the crowd funding fundraiser as you can see on the previous post. Thus far, no-one is donating. What would you do differently, say differently that would inspire others to start giving?

Any thoughts? Please do be in touch.

Ideally, we'd love to increase our paying clients. Anyone who can share our blogs, websites or support our services by booking and paying for a session, your assistance will be most gratefully received

Mazal Tov, You're Getting Married

Mazal Tov, the day has arrived, you too are a Kallah. If you have living parents and are preparing for a stunning, special happy occasion, we ask you to take a moment and think of a Kallah who is not quite so blessed.

Do you have the means to write out a list for as many guests as you would like?
Imagine a Kallah who can invite 50 guests maximum from both sides, her Chatan's and her's. Imagine a Kallah who is told she has no right to make a wedding as she has no father to help her and should just get married with two witnesses.

Do you have the means for photographers? Thank G-d, may the photographs be happy and special.
Imagine a Kallah who can not afford a photographer and never receives even one portrait of herself and her Chatan to hang up with pride in her new home.

Do you have the opportunity to choose the flowers you would like for your bouquet, for the tables in the Simchah Hall? Thank G-d, so you should, you deserve to enjoy such beauty on your wedding day.
Imagine a Kallah who requests low bowls of roses in light pinks on the tables at her wedding, only to arrive to find tall vases of all kinds of colours, but no pinks and no roses.

Imagine a Kallah who arrives at the wedding hall to find they are not yet ready and have even forgotten the refreshments. Imagine a Kallah who is not blessed to have parents pay for musicians but receives instead students who know only how to make an ongoing noise that upsets her.

Imagine a Kallah who is given no blessing, no kind word, no-one to dance for her but instead has to encourage women, strangers to please dance with her because she just loves to dance.

Imagine returning to your new home, to find the painful reality that now your new life begins with nothing. No beds, no washing machine, no diningroom table, no sofa, no refrigerator, no stove, no dishes, no candlesticks, no Challah board, no linen, no cleaning products, no food in the little empty kitchen, no glasses, no cutlery.

We invite you to help the poor orphan Chatan or Kallah to have the Simchah that every Jewish Chatan and Kallah deserve. We invite you to join us in providing the basic needs for their new home and then to take it that step further in helping us to develop a centre that will provide work for our couples.

Please open your heart and help those who do not have parents and family to help them.

Please support our services to help us to earn what is needed to help our orphan Chatanim and Kallot.
Please visit our website to be involved

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Our Current Sale

We have a sale on the go. Please do come by and visit, browse, support our sale and the progress of Chessed Ve'Emet. Here are a few items that you might find, though there are many more not photographed.

Please do be in touch. If you are in Israel and able to come to Beitar Illit, we have wonderful items on sale.

We have items on sale from NIS 1 - NIS 150. For the serious buyer there is some artwork available too at higher prices.

As you can see we have something for everyone. We're looking forward to seeing you.


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