Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mazal Tov, You're Getting Married

Mazal Tov, the day has arrived, you too are a Kallah. If you have living parents and are preparing for a stunning, special happy occasion, we ask you to take a moment and think of a Kallah who is not quite so blessed.

Do you have the means to write out a list for as many guests as you would like?
Imagine a Kallah who can invite 50 guests maximum from both sides, her Chatan's and her's. Imagine a Kallah who is told she has no right to make a wedding as she has no father to help her and should just get married with two witnesses.

Do you have the means for photographers? Thank G-d, may the photographs be happy and special.
Imagine a Kallah who can not afford a photographer and never receives even one portrait of herself and her Chatan to hang up with pride in her new home.

Do you have the opportunity to choose the flowers you would like for your bouquet, for the tables in the Simchah Hall? Thank G-d, so you should, you deserve to enjoy such beauty on your wedding day.
Imagine a Kallah who requests low bowls of roses in light pinks on the tables at her wedding, only to arrive to find tall vases of all kinds of colours, but no pinks and no roses.

Imagine a Kallah who arrives at the wedding hall to find they are not yet ready and have even forgotten the refreshments. Imagine a Kallah who is not blessed to have parents pay for musicians but receives instead students who know only how to make an ongoing noise that upsets her.

Imagine a Kallah who is given no blessing, no kind word, no-one to dance for her but instead has to encourage women, strangers to please dance with her because she just loves to dance.

Imagine returning to your new home, to find the painful reality that now your new life begins with nothing. No beds, no washing machine, no diningroom table, no sofa, no refrigerator, no stove, no dishes, no candlesticks, no Challah board, no linen, no cleaning products, no food in the little empty kitchen, no glasses, no cutlery.

We invite you to help the poor orphan Chatan or Kallah to have the Simchah that every Jewish Chatan and Kallah deserve. We invite you to join us in providing the basic needs for their new home and then to take it that step further in helping us to develop a centre that will provide work for our couples.

Please open your heart and help those who do not have parents and family to help them.

Please support our services to help us to earn what is needed to help our orphan Chatanim and Kallot.
Please visit our website to be involved

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