Monday, 27 January 2014

We're Moving

We're on our way again. Another move, another move....

Please join us as we blog about places we've seen, where we'll be going to and of course items available on sale or how else you can assist.

Items available include:

-   A few Simchah Gowns (some hand made). 3 Bochochi

Second hand clothing: baby, girls and ladies clothing including brand names (amongst others): Agas, Headline, Blue, Shayu Kid, Seccess, Sitting Pretty, Smudge, Ricci from NY, Furko Tekstil

ח וויה Brand new dishes and household items including Novel, Aspen Glasses,  Kitchen, Al Yakubia made in China, Na'aman, Basic Line, Sundish Glassware, Movix

 -   Toiletries: Dr Fischer, Chic Spa, Dove and more

   We also have books, pictures, albums, wall clocks, linen and more 

  •  Just a few examples of items available. Keep watching this blog for more items and info.

    • Ready to come and purchase? Please email us to make a time. Please remember we are really busy finding suitable alternative premises / apartment, packing, selling etc etc, so please be in touch and make a time we will be in. If we know we'll be here for a few hours, Bli Neder, we'll post hours to stop by.
    Thank you for supporting us and enabling Chessed Ve'Emet to move on to the next exciting stage in the Development of our Centre of Torah and acts of loving kindness.

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