Sunday, 23 February 2014

Keeping the flame alive by building

What would you do if your father, all your grandparents, most aunts and uncles you were close to and others you loved are all in the next world? What would you do if in addition to this, there is no next generation to give you joy and Nachas and help to continue Torah and Mitzvos for those who have gone before?

What would you do if in addition to this, you struggle to find work in the profession you put yourself through university in order to practice and be self-sufficient?

For me, all I can think of is to build a beautiful centre spreading Kindness and Truth to help Hasten the Geulah and a time to see my loved ones again. A special centre to create some merit to persuade Hashem to permit us to have another generation too.

To fund this, we have a variety of services and the development of our special Bayit Chadash store. We've been working hard and increasing stock, adding variety, listening to those who come to us, constantly working to improve and develop and progress.

As we were doing so, we received a phone call from the great granddaughter of Rebbe Elimelich of Lezinsk, could we assist her Bachur her first born to build his Bayit Ne'Eman. We received the letter of Hamlatza. What an honour to help the grandchild of such a Tzadik. Checking references complete, tomorrow will be a new day to begin planning what we can do. Then out of the blue we receive a phone call. Sorry, preparing weddings is not the order of the day, we need our apartment back and it's time for you to move on.

So move number 43 has begun. Looking for apartments, trying to gain insight from rabbis, Shuls and communities as to what area will be most suited for us and for our store. Packing, packing. The start of our lending library is packed. Our own library is packed. And the search continues.

Usually this time of year we are busily preparing Mishloach Manos, taking order, preparing quotes etc. This year, its apartment search, packing, davening, trying to sell items, packing.

We urgently need seed funding to take our Centre to the next level. Since we do not have family who can support or the correct friends, all we can do is appeal to you, the Jewish community to help us to make this dream become a reality. Ever since my 2nd year of university, I wanted a Healing Centre. Over the years I have refined it, but I need this centre to best use all the skills Hashem gave me to help increase Kindness and Truth. It'sa a desire from within me that I can not let go of.

The world needs Moshiach. The world needs Redemption. We all need unity of our loved ones.

What can YOU do to help us reach our goal? Are you willing to book any of our services? Are you willing to purchase from our store? Are you willing to make a donation and to share this with your friends?

Together we can make it happen

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