Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mikvah Packages for orphan Kallot

We are busy assisting 6 orphan Kallot from an orphanage in Jerusalem. As part of the assistance, we are preparing a Mikvah package for each of them. In the image above you can see the start of 3 packages. We have a long way to go. 

So far we have shampoo (though we'd like something nicer if possible), hand cream and foot cream for one, tooth picks, a comb each for two of them and mini shampoo and conditioner perfect for taking to Mikvah. We have quite a way to go. What would you want in a Mikvah package? Do you have any toiletries to donate or Maaser or Tzedakah to assist us to purchase products to make up these packages?

If you can assist in developing these packages, please be in touch ASAP. You can email or contact us via our website.

Do stop back and visit this blog. We aim to post the progress of items donated and the completed packages once they are ready.

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