Monday, 19 May 2014

What are your thoughts on Giving an Orphan a Chance?

What are your thoughts about orphans and homeless people? Do you think they should be given a chance or should they just make do with what they have or don't have and strive to be happy with their lot?

We get a lot of criticism for giving brand new items to the orphan Chatanim and Kallot we assist. Many believe an orphan should just make do with what they have and if they don't have, well that is their problem. So we are told, but is this the right way to think? Is this the Torah way?

In the video that follows, you will find the ambition of an orphan who ended up on the streets, through no fault of his own.  Listen to his talent and let us know your thoughts. Is he worthy of being given a chance, or should he just strive to make peace with having ended up as a homeless person?

If you agree he is worthy of being given a chance, what would you do to help an orphan? What kinds of assistance would help him to achieve and use his G-d given talent for good.Does it really help the world if he is on the street and no-one gets to hear his beautiful singing?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Taking stock, updating and more

Do you have dreams? Do you have goals? One of my dreams is to develop a full healing Centre combining occupational therapy and Torah. Does the one have anything to do with the other? Yes, absolutely, stay tuned to find out more or you are welcome to book a me as a speaker and I'd be happy to share the connection. 

Where did my dream begin? I'm not sure I can put my finger on it, but I do clearly remember a certain conversation with a classmate in second year at university. She asked me if I had any idea what I wanted to do with the profession we were studying. I thought for about a second and responded, yes, I want to start a healing centre. 

A year later, my life was challenged as I developed a condition that turned chronic. It took 17 years to find the right doctor to diagnose the primary infection correctly. All the while I continued to work towards my dream. I completed my degree in the correct time, went on to work and gain experience in my profession and kept coming up with ideas for my dream centre.

If the path of recovering from a chronic illness is of interest, stay tuned, I've written it up as a book which I now need to edit. 

So where are we now? Well, I've been qualified for over 20 years now and still working on my dream centre. I now have a website, a few blogs, some equipment, the opportunity to treat clients from my private practice in my home or in clients homes in Beitar Illit or Jerusalem. I also offer treatments in the Medical Centre in Ramat Eshkol and at Bishvilech in Givat Shaul. For those clients in Israel who are unable to come to me, TeleHealth is sometimes an option, depending on the need.

In addition to private clients, we are busy with developing our store. We are happy to announce that new stock has come in. So do be in touch and come and visit. My task for today is: working on our online store. Yes, we have finally found the guidance  we need to develop our online store, and look forward to sharing information and progress. 

Is that all? NO, there is lots more. It's exciting, it's happening and it's wonderful to stop for a moment, take stock of how far we have come, challenges, obstacles and all. It's wonderful to walk into our developing store and just look at the happy shelves. It's wonderful to look at the box of books ready to start our lending library and know that a few years ago, our lending library was just an idea, now we have some tangible progress.

If you are interested in the progress of our centre, you are welcome to visit in person or follow our posts. We're on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, our blogs and websites. If you are interested in making a contribution towards the development of this centre, our current needs are: 
- 2 book shelves for our lending library, another shelf for our store and a Keter cupboard with doors for storage. If you have any available that you do not need are are willing to donate, please be in touch. If you'd like to make a monetary donation, you can visit our website or the donate button on this blog.

Of course, referrals and purchases from our store are always welcome and another way for you to participate in enabling a dream to become reality. 

Thank you for your interest in my journey towards developing my dream healing &Torah centre. We look forward to sharing more developments.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lending Library L'Ilui Nishmat

    The start of our Lending Library

Most people grow up knowing their grandparents or at least what they look like. Something is usually passed down about who ones parents and grandparents are / were. But then there are some who grow up without one or more grandparent. In my case, my late, father's father, ie my grandfather was Niftar (died) while on a business trip 4 and half months before my father was born. I have no idea what he looked like. I don't know anything about his interests, goals or dreams.  My paternal grandfather was a huge question mark for me until one day I discovered that the cemetry in which he is buried is partly online. I decided to look up his name and found not only his details but a photograph of the gravestone too. Suddenly a connection was made. Suddenly I knew his Yartheit. I could see for myself how long before my late father's birthday his father had died. I could see his age and I could see the wording on the grave stone: "A beautiful life, cut short"

I often wonder what about his 35 years in this world was beautiful. Somewhere in just 35 years in this world, something was good, something was beautiful. I probably will never know what his goals and dreams were. But I know that as a Jew, I can connect with my grandfather and have an effect on where he is now, by learning Torah and doing Mitzvos in his merit. I know that through this effort I can have a part in ensuring he has a beautiful life in the next world.

So I began to do whatever I could in his merit. Over time and after the loss of another relative also at a young age, we decided to begin a lending library in the merit of my grandfather, father and brother-in-law. They could not do much Torah learning in this world, but by starting a lending library in their merit, each time a book is borrowed and read, that goes to their merit. That can correct any Torah they did not learn and bring joy and an elevation to their souls. So we began accepting Torah books that others no longer wanted and pretty soon had a collection of 200 plus Seforim. The image above shows the start of our library.

Over the past few months I have been exploring how to raise the money for a bookshelf, how best to catalogue the books, what software program to use, what to charge for membership etc etc. Suddenly we obtained an offer to take over a Lending Library that is already in existance of 2300 plus books. This comes with bookshelves, computer, library program. the lot. They have worked out the membership and we'd just continue and build from there.

In the long term we'd love to have tables and chairs to enable learning or reading and shiurim in the library too. But step one is to work on how to be able to receive these books and a suitable venue for them. Next we'd work on the next level to have more Seforim, tables, chairs and more.

In order to make this a reality, we need 25 Jews to donate just US$100. Please help us to make this a reality and to add the next phase to the Torah centre we are working on. 

If you are able to donate, please email us ASAP or make a donation directly on our website

We do have a photo of the library that is being offered to us. I am not able to upload it for some reason, but if anyone is serious about donating and interested in seeing, I'd be happy to share it.


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