Monday, 19 May 2014

What are your thoughts on Giving an Orphan a Chance?

What are your thoughts about orphans and homeless people? Do you think they should be given a chance or should they just make do with what they have or don't have and strive to be happy with their lot?

We get a lot of criticism for giving brand new items to the orphan Chatanim and Kallot we assist. Many believe an orphan should just make do with what they have and if they don't have, well that is their problem. So we are told, but is this the right way to think? Is this the Torah way?

In the video that follows, you will find the ambition of an orphan who ended up on the streets, through no fault of his own.  Listen to his talent and let us know your thoughts. Is he worthy of being given a chance, or should he just strive to make peace with having ended up as a homeless person?

If you agree he is worthy of being given a chance, what would you do to help an orphan? What kinds of assistance would help him to achieve and use his G-d given talent for good.Does it really help the world if he is on the street and no-one gets to hear his beautiful singing?

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