Monday, 18 August 2014

Do YOU Enjoy Flowers?

Do you enjoy flowers? Ever think of what type of flowers you would like on your wedding day? Do you have a favourite flower?

We have a Kallah coming to Chuppah in about 2 weeks. Some items she needs are gradually coming together. Thank G-d we were able to give her the Tallit to give to her Chatan on their wedding day. But there are still items that are missing and this Kallah has no father to help her.

A friend of her family has kindly come forward to do her hair for her special day. However, the Kallah has 3 sisters and they also need their hair to look special. We have an offer from a hairstylist to do a discounted price of ₪50 sister which comes to ₪150

The Kallah would also really like some white roses with a few red flowers on her special day. I am happy to prepare the bouquet for her but need a sponsor for the flowers.

The new couple are in need of a set of linen and a set of dishes and glasses to start their new home. They would also like a Shabbos urn.

The next major item they need is a set of beds. It's not pleasant to return home as newly weds to a rented apartment with no beds.

we have a target to raise ₪4600 towards obtaining these items for them. If anyone has maaser or Tzeddakah or new items to donate, please be in touch ASAP or visit our website

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