Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hashem helps His orphans!

It is very special to witness Hashem's guiding hand bringing Simchah to an orphan Kallah and her Chatan. After meeting the couple a week to 10 days ago, we began putting the word out for donations to help them have a beautiful wedding with dignity and to set up their new home with dignity of course. One of the items we asked for was a Tallit for the Kallah to give to her Chatan.

Within a few days we had an offer of a Tallit that is currently in an area of the Gush with a question as to whether we can find soemone who can bring it to Beitar Illit. Thanks to social networking we posted on the appropriate FB group and soon had a reply from someone in Jerusalem, asking if we could meet her there and whether a Sefardi Tallit would be OK.

"OK? It's perfect! The couple just happens to be Sefardi. But what size is it?"

Soon we heard the size of the Tallit, smaller than the size the Kallah had given us but just the size we thought it might be. The donor also kindly made a donation for the Tallit bag.

This morning we set off for a store to begin to look for a suitable Tallit bag in blue as the Kallah requested. In we walked and there, lookig at a few items is a familiar face. The Chatan, himself with his father.

We asked if he could try on the Tallit for size and told him the Kallah would be the one to give it to him if it fit. Yes, it was a perfect fit. Now came the next step, the search for a Tallit bag in the right price range. 

We began looking in the blue bags and the Chatan joined us and asked if white or off white were possible as the Tallit is for the Chuppah and then will be used for Shabbos. 

Off we went to a section with white, cream, beige Tallit bags and found one in a design he liked at exactly the amount that was donated.

This has completely been a case of witnessing Hashem's Hand in bringing Simchah to His children. After all, Hashem is the Father of orphans.

Next on our agenda is to find sponsors for the hair of the sisters of the Kallah. We have a special offer for just ₪50 per sister. With three sisters that means ₪150. We also need donations of new linen, flowers for the Kallah a Havdallah set and if we can manage, a set of beds. 

Be a partner with Hashem and help to bring Simchah to an orphaned Kallah and her Chatan! Please visit our website and make a donation today. Chuppah is in just a few weeks, so time is of the essence.

If you have any brand new items to start their new home, please be in touch for that too.

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