Monday, 11 August 2014

WIN an "I Love You" Teddy Bear TODAY!

Today is Tu B'Av the day on the Jewish calendar that is connected to love. It is a very special day and much can be written about it. The main theme of the day is enabling Jewish singles to meet and marry. So we are offering this lovely Teddy Bear to be raffled. All those who make a donation of ₪200 or more towards our latest orphaned Kallah by the end of Tu B'Av will be entered into the draw. We have already had this offer on the go for over a week via other social networking and only had 3 donors.

So hurry along and help in the very big MItzvah of enabling an orphan Kallah to marry and set up her home in dignity and you stand the chance to win this lovely "I Love You" Teddy. A reminder that there is love in the world and the world is in fact built on acts of loving kindness.

See our main page where you can see more about our orphaned Kallah and make a donation directly. Please mention that you wish to be added to the draw, and where you saw this or how you came to this blog so that we know that you have seen this posting. Only those mentioning this will be added to the draw.

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