Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Shidduch Tips 1 - Relationship between Shadchan and Single

In response to some of the questions, comments and irritations we hear from singles we work with or those who have not yet signed up for our Shidduch Service, we at Chessed Ve'Emet have prepared for you a 2 minute slide show with 5 tips that give a little insight into your relationship with your Shadchan and what YOU can do to improve ensure your relationship is more effective. 

We do hope you have enjoyed our prepsentation. Please let us know your feedback. 

If you are single and are not yet on our Shidduch database, do be in touch to make an appointment for an interview or to sign up for a Shidduch workshop. 

If you know any Jew or Jews who are looking to get married, Chessed Ve'Emet offers a comprehensive, professional Shidduch Service
Please be in touch for a Shidduch Interview.

If you would like to learn more about the Torah approach to marrying, Chessed Ve'Emet offers Torah shiurimg individually and in groups, online or in person. Do be in touch for this too.

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