Sunday, 16 November 2014

Does Judaism Believe in LIfe after Death? Part 2

In a previous post we mentioned the first time in the day that we become aware of life beyond this world. In the sequence of tasks for one's daily routine, our next reminder of a world beyond this word is when reciting the morning blessings. Following the initial 17 blessings, we reciting a blessing for learning Torah. This is recited at the start of the day to cover any aspect of Torah learning that we might engage in at any time of the day and night ahead of us. 

The last paragraph that is recited ends with a list of activities we engage in for which we are rewarded in this world while the main reward awaits us in the World to Come. From the wording used here we are aware that Judaism has a belief not only in a world after this one but also that we receive reward for good deeds carried out in this world.

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