Monday, 24 November 2014

Learning Torah Online

What are your thoughts of learning Torah?

More and more, people verbalize the problems of today. The modern lifestyle and how life has in so many ways lost meaning. What is the purpose? What is the point?

There are answers, and the answers to ALL your questions lie in the Torah. Some enjoy going to a group Shiur (lesson) but for some who live in areas far from a Synagogue or, who for various reasons need to learn online from the comfort of their own home, another option is necessary.

Chessed Ve'Emet uses the latest options to reach out to all. Torah teaching is possible via Skype with webcam, gmail with webcam, google hangout or even various virtual classrooms. We'd like to get the word out to many more Jews and non-Jews who need to learn the wealth of wisdom that Torah has to offer.

Please join us in our current campaign. If you would like to sign up for online Torah learning, you are welcome to do so by emailing us or visiting our website and being in touch via the contact page.


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