Thursday, 27 November 2014

Looking for a Suitable Match

Chessed Ve'Emet has a professional, comprehensive and caring Shidduch service. We work with Jews looking to get married both for first time and second marriages. We work with all Hashkafot that are authentic Torah. Age wise we work with early 20's right through to 70's.

We recently had a phone call from one of the lovely ladies in her 50's to find out if we had someone suitable for her. We'd really love to help her get married hence asked her permission to post a brief outline.

If you know any men from 52 years – 60 years old who are intelligent, learned in Torah but cool, living in Israel or prepared to live here. The man must be financially secure. Hashkafa should preferably be Chabakook. He must be interested in marrying a widow in her 50's who has children from a previous marriage.

She is a friendly, fun, caring person, easy to talk to with many interests.

If you know any Jewish men who suit this description, please have them be in touch with Chessed Ve'Emet to come for an interview to find out if you are a suitable match. 

We do have other women in this age range, too.

We look forward to hearing form you

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