Monday, 1 December 2014

Searching for Solutions to the Shidduch Problems.

There's been quite a bit of discussion happening over the topic of men over 50 years old wanting to marry a woman much younger who will give him children. For the most part, women are not happy with this. 

Someone on my FaceBook commented I'll say it bluntly: women are not baby machines! And kids are not prized possessions to display. I'm really wary of men who want a wife who will produce babies for him. It is a mind set that sets off red flags for me. Any guy over 50 who wants to get married solely for the baby machine affect is not a guy who is really ready to commit to the real work it takes, to build a true Bayis Ne'eman.

As the comments from women continue to stream in, we have not had any solutions offered. 

What do you look for in a spouse or a Shidduch? Do you think of similar interests? Do you think of similar lifestyles or life goals? Do you look at the persons attributes? There is a lot more to a successful Shidduch than whether the woman is of an age to provide children.

Also, what will you do if you work so hard, finally find the right Shidduch. On paper it all seems perfect and then, OH DEAR? Nothing happens. What will you do if the Shidduch is based ONLY on children and after many many many failed treatments, Hashem says NO!

You see, Hashem can do that when we least expect it. Of course most people want children and it is good to want to continue the Jewish Nation. However, there needs to be more to your Shidduch than only the age to bring children. You need to know your relationship will still hold up in the event Hashem alters the plan and your goal for the marriage does not work out. 

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