Sunday, 18 January 2015

Shidduch Sunday - 1

It's Sunday and time for another "Shidduch Sunday" post. I apologize for the lack of posting last week. We were very busy with the arrival of a new bookshelf for our developing Lending Library. Of course the bookshelf meant we could unpack and put some books on the shelf. We have much work to do before we can open fully. In the meantime, it's time for "Shidduch Sunday". So that leads us to a question. Do you want to see a specific age group or Haskafa? If not, we'll be posting randomly from our Shidduch Database. If you know someone who meets any of the brief sketches of those on our Shidduch Database, please be in touch for a Shidduch interview.

Our first single for today is a lady in her 30's of average build. She is single, never been married. Calls herself Orthodox, looks Litvish but has a tendency towards learning Chassidus. She is looking for a man who is between 32 and 42 in age, and strong in Torah. She prefers someone not Israeli but ideally would like to live in Israel. 

Our next single is a man who is 50 years old who is Yeshivish or Litvish in terms of Hashkafa. He is shorter in height and learns in Kollel. He is looking for a Shidduch with a woman who is still able to have children and is also Chareidi / Litvish in Hashkafa who is prepared to live in Eretz Yisrael. 

Do you know of any Jews looking to get married. Do have them be in touch with Chessed Ve'Emet for our Shidduch Service.

If you are struggling with the Shidduch process or find the need to clarify your life goals, values etc, do be in touch as we have both counseling and Shidduch coaching or mentoring available. 

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