Sunday, 25 January 2015

Shidduch Sunday - 2

It's Sunday again and time for another "Shidduch Sunday" post.

To answer a question recently received, we work with all the Hashkafot that follow authentic Torah. These Hashkafot can be Orthodox, modern Orthodox, Dati Leumi, Chardal, Yeshivish, Chassidish or any other Hashkafa but our focus is to build Torah homes, with a minimum of Shabbos, Kashrut and Taharas HaMishpachah. 

As you will see if you follow these posts for long enough, we work with a range of ages from 20 - over 80 years.

Our two singles for today are:

 - A single lady who is in her late 20's, short, Torah observant. She does not give a Hashkafa but likes modern ideas. She is looking for a Shidduch with a Torah observant man who is age range 27 - 34 years who is working but will learn with his wife.

- A single male in his mid 20's who is Chabad and works full-time.  He is looking for a lady also from Chabad with good manners, soft spoken who is interested in living in America and prepared to have her husband work as opposed to going on Shlichut.

If you know anyone to suit either of these singles or any on the other "Shidduch Sunday" posts, please be in touch. If you know Jewish singles who wish to marry and to have a Jewish home built on authentic Torah values please have them be in touch with us too. 

Shidduch Sunday is a blog post prepared to you by Chessed Ve'Emet as part of our Shidduch service
Do visit our website for more information of the services that we offer.

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