Sunday, 4 January 2015

Shidduch Sunday

We manage a Professional Shidduch database and are finding some positive response to posting a brief outline of those on our Shidduch database to help to find more suitable matches for them. Without any promises, I'm starting Shidduch Sunday, posting each Sunday a brief few lines about someone on our database and who they are looking for. Please note, there is much more to the person and to who they are looking for. 

For those who think they meet the description, please do be in touch for an interview. Please note, we only match those who have completed our structured interview with us. For more about our Shidduch service please do visit our website. 

Our Shidduch Sketch for today is a lady in her 50's who is divorced with children and describes herself as being Chardal or Dati Leumi. She is looking for a man in his 50's or 60's. The man can be FFB, Baal Teshuvah or a convert with similar Hashkafa. She would like to live in Israel. If you know any Jewish men in their 50's or 60's who are interested in marrying a Jewish woman in her 50's please do be in touch. 

Thank you for your assistance in helping those on our Shidduch database to find a suitable match. We look forward to seeing them all marry.

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