Monday, 16 February 2015

Crowd Fundraising - 2

In a previous post, I began to describe our experience with crowd fundraising. In this post, we will begin to look a bit further.

Our first encounter with crowd fundraising was through Kick Starter. We were needing funding to meet a certain goal and someone suggested using a thermometer to track donations and help to reach our goal. They called it Kick Starter. We found a lovely thermometer, embedded it in the blog post and used the word Kick Starter or Kick Start in the post.

We did get a little interest but not very much. I think we reached about 5% of our goal. Sometime later someone began to describe crowd fundraising to us and suggested we give it a try. He then took a look at our blog and noticed we had the thermometer on and said, oh, you already do this with Kick Starter? 

So we began to learn about crowd fundraising. Since then we have read a number of articles, some useful, some good to fill the time. What we did learn was:

- There are many crowd fundraising websites available
- There is an art to making a success of a crowd fundraising campaign
- Many, ,many are turning to crowd fundraising as a means to help to raise the funds they require to reach a certain goal.

We learned a lot more as we tried a little further. Have you tried a crowd fundraiser? Have you found it beneficial? Have you been successful? What did you do that helped you reach your goal?

We'd love to hear from you so please share your thoughts or experience in the comments below

Thanks for reading and for sharing for those who do.

Have a blessed day
Shoshanah Shear

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