Sunday, 29 March 2015

Crowd Fundraiser Challenge Begins

We are preparing for another crowd fundraiser and doing a bit of research in order to be more effective next time around. On the first article that I read, it states that an organization that was successful, spent 200 hours preparing their campaign before they went live. That is quite a lot of preparation. Are you up for the challenge?

We have an idea to attempt to do research, planning and any other work that comes along with an aim to reach 200 hours before we go live. Thus far we have reached our first hour.

The first tip we have learned is related to planning. As with anything in life, you need to prepare well. Are you doing a crowd fundraiser or interested in the work we are doing at Chessed Ve'Emet in developing a Torah - Healing Centre? Either way, step number one is to begin by deciding what it is that you wish to do a crowd fundraiser about. Write down all the information you have including your financial goal. 

We have a bit of research to complete our own plan. We aim to keep you our readers posted as we progress.

Join us on the journey. Let us learn together and put this 200 hour preparation to the test. We need to find a good counter, in the meantime, we have another 199 hours to go.

Anyone ready for the journey?

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Join us for the next post and the next hour or two of preparation. 

This blog post is prepared for you by Shoshanah Shear of Chessed Ve'Emet

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