Monday, 2 March 2015

Crowd Fundraising - 3

What do you think of the image above? Isn't it the perfect image to depict uniting and strengthening the world through kindness?

Following on from our previous posts on our experience with crowd fundraising. Here we bring a little of our experience using Fundable. Aside from using Kick Starter, was one of the first websites we tried for crowd fundraising. We did not yet know the term and had never tried such an endeavor.

At the time my goal was to be able to pay off my debts that had piled up from years of having a chronic illness coupled with hitting the affirmative action and struggles with Aliyah. I carefully calculated the amount required, wrote an honest blurb about my situation and posted a crowd fundraiser. I shared the link, nothing happened. I found a badge / widget to put onto my FaceBook and shared the link. I probably wrote a blog post but that part sadly I do not remember. Not much was happening and on one has to meet the goal or forfit all the pledges. So I lowered the target and posted again. I think a donation came in at this point.

I kept lowering the target and re-posting. How I wish I could have just earned enough to pay off the debt myself. Finally the D-Day came. We managed to reach our much lowered target and received a little towards paying off the debt. 

It got us started in doing crowd fundraisers but it was not so fun to lower the target.

What could we have done to reach more potential donors or to reach our goal? At the time we did not know and in the time since then we have not really mastered the art of crowd fundraising. One important fact we learned is one needs a larger network than we have in order to receive the donations required.

We did learned too that people do care and people do give and just when I thought I had paid off all my debt over time, sadly another relapse resulted in another debt.

The debts and the setbacks are not all that this is about, so stay tuned for other crowd fundraising experiences. 

Have you had a positive crowd fundraising experience? Have you been successful in reaching your goal?

Please post your comment at the end of this post. We'd love to hear your crowd fundraising experience. If you have tips to help us be more successful with future campaigns, we'd love to hear that too.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all who have participated in one or other of our campaigns.

Shoshanah Shear

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