Sunday, 22 March 2015

Thoughts about Crowd Fundraising

More and more we see another crowd fundraiser being shared. More and more people are turning to this tool to come up with funding to begin working towards achieving their goals. 

Following on from a few posts thus far, in this post we share what we have gained from the crowd fundraisers that we have carried out thus far.

Choosing a Crowd Fundraising Forum to work with:

The biggest draw card for me in using a certain crowd fundraising website over others has been their prompt, friendly, polite service. Always addressing one by name, always ending off an email with their name and a sentence to say they are happy to help if the need arises. This great support service is found in 

Not all the crowd fundraising websites offer such great support. For me, the attitude of the support team is a definite draw card.

Ideas and benefits:

Although we have not mastered reaching our financial goal, we have received some great ideas and excellent benefits. From one of the crowd fundraisers to begin our Torah lending library, we received a number of excellent Seforim donated towards this cause. Some of the Seforim to come in were even in brand new condition.

We are very grateful to these donors. 

Another incredible benefit has been the design of our logo by a friend on our FaceBook. Thank you so much to Miriam Gerlitz for a stunning logo design. For anyone interested, our logo can be seen on our main website

Lessons Learned:

One of the greatest lessons we have learned is that a successful crowd fundraiser requires developing the right crowd first. We are busily learning how to put the right crowd together for our next campaign. If you have gained any tips that you are willing to share, please comment on the comments section below.

Thank you for your interest in our Crowd Fundraising experience.

With this amazing opportunity, may we all master setting achievable goals and coming up with the necessary funding to achieve them.

Have a blessed week

Shoshanah Shear of Chessed Ve'Emet

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