Thursday, 30 April 2015

Gratitude to Our Pet Dog

Someone asked if I have or have had pets. The answer is I have grown up with pets, mostly dogs.  Here is a little story about an incident that happened some years ago which leads to my being very grateful to our dog and to animals in general.

I have been debating whether to write it into one of my upcoming books. We will see.

Some years ago, I had very bad bronchitis and developed severe coughing fits. However, after each coughing fit, my chest got a bit tight and I was almost too tired to breath. This happened at night and my parents were asleep. Not wanting to disturb their sleep I wondered what to do.

I did not have to wait too long. You see, we had a 10 or 11 month old bull terrier puppy who heard my struggles and jumped onto the bed next to me. I was too tired and drained to push him off so I left him to cuddle next to me. Not long after he had positioned himself with his head on my chest, I began to cough. I was amazed at his response. He knocked his snout against my chest in just the right places, almost like he was doing chest physio.

He was spot on each time and his kindness and input helped me to stop coughing in a shorter period of time and to have the energy to breath a little better and a little easier after each bout of coughing. I am sure his intervention helped me to get through the night without any setbacks. 

Our dog had never been trained on how to tap the chest of a sick person when they have a severe chest infection, but he instinctively knew what I needed. We had a rule not to let our dogs on the furniture. I am very grateful that on this occasion I had not had enough energy to discipline our big pup.

If you know anything about bull terriers, they are very, very strong dogs but have the softest nose. He used his strength correctly in a very kind and caring manner.

I have many pet stories I can share, but to begin with, this one shows the value of having a pet. They really do think and can be of great benefit to us, as humans and their owners or guardians whichever term you wish to use.

Do you have a pet? Share your pet story below. I'd love to hear what experience leads you to be grateful to having a pet or having had a pet.

Have a blessed day

Shoshanah Shear

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