Monday, 27 April 2015

Latest Comment on our New Book.

A friend sent us an email regarding our latest book release. 

"Let me know how I can get the book, which stores will be selling it, or if it will be just available from you, in which case you have to mail it to the people, which is another expense.  Why don't you go to Feldheim, Pomerantz and other bookstores and ask them to sell it?  Will there be any place in The Mercaz or the North of Israel or only near Jerusalem? We know people who have  bookstore. Maybe they could sell it, too. 

But you also have to advertise it (the cheapest way you can), perhaps in the various Alonei Parshat Hashavua (esp. those in English, i.e. Torah Tidbits) or in Bersheva, etc.  

If people don't know about it, they can't buy it!!!" (S.P)

Our Answer:

Dear Friend
You are exactly right. There are many ways to promote a book and many outlets we still need to get our book to. This is exactly our reason for starting a crowdfundraiser, to assist us to come up with the means to get our book to as many appropriate places as possible. Please visit our crowdfundraiser and share the link with your friends. If you can make even a small contribution, every donation helps. If you can make a comment on our book on, this also helps with promoting our book. Also, if you have a blog or email list and can share information about our book with your friends, that is another way to help to get the word out.

Thank you so much for your interest and your valuable comments. Yes, as you stated, if people do not know about our book "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" they can not buy it. 

This is another reason why we need the help of our friends to get the word out. Please join us in getting our message to children that animals are special and need to be treated with kindness and respect. Just as all of Creation is Special and deserves this too.

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