Sunday, 28 June 2015

Assisting orphans with a FREE Bridal Gown!

The image above and directly below show two of the quality, modest, bridal gowns that we recently acquired, thanks to some very kind donors.

These bridal gowns are waiting to be arranged in a manner that is suitable for brides to come and take a look, try them on and borrow or rent.

Our plan is for orphan Kallot to borrow these dresses at cost of just the dry cleaning. Other Kallot are invited to rent the bridal gowns / dresses at affordable prices.

That is our goal, of course we have a way to go before we can open for the Kallot (brides) to come and take a look, try them on and borrow or rent them.

The black bags show how to dresses were sent to us.

The image of a few of the dresses arranged in our Salon, shows a few more dresses. 

We are very excited about this new addition to our work. We invite you to help us to make this happen and to move to the next level. We have set up another crowd fundraiser, please take a look, watch the video, read the information and help us to reach our goal. Please donate generously and share with your friends.

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to updating you of the progress of our campaign and of course of the dresses

Shoshanah Shear of Chessed Ve'Emet

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