Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 15 of our Crowd Fundraiser

We are 15 days into our crowd fundraiser. 

It is very special to see some progress, but sadly no where near enough. In the meantime we have had an inquiry from the mother of a Kallah (who is orphaned from her father) and will be in need of a bridal gown of size 44. We do not have a bridal gown of size 44 so if you know of anyone who has and is willing to donate her bridal gown, please refer her to us.

We are also starting to receive calls from people wanting a Kallah to come and view our dresses. It is hard to say: "I am very sorry, but the dresses are currently at the dry cleaner and we can not have them back until we can pay for them and have 3 sturdy clothes racks to hang them on effectively. In addition, we can not put the clothing racks in our Salon, we need the funds to move our Bayit Chadash Gemach and the beginnings of our bridal gown Gemach to appropriate premises."

So for those who clearly enjoy spreading the news, please let your friends know that we URGENTLY need monetary contributions in order to set up the bridal gowns and then we will be very happy to begin to show them to Kallot.

Please note, for those donating their dress / bridal gown, our dresses are all modest in keeping with Torah requirement. Any dress donated that is not modest needs to be suitable for adapting to become modest.

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to updating you of the next development

Have a blessed day

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