Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Day 16 of our Crowd Fundraiser.

We are busy, busy busy, networking to spread the word about our bridal gown Gemach. I just got off the phone with someone in our area who was so excited she wanted to let Kallot know immediately about what we are doing. It is wonderful to hear this but our problem is we can not show the dresses until they are set up. 

Oh dear! Calling those in our area is certainly helping to let families know that our Gemach is progressing, but the contributions are slow and very small amounts. We are very, very grateful for every donation, but URGENTLY need to get larger donations coming in. Our difficulty is the time for our crowd fundraiser is ticking away and so far we have reached only 3% of what we need to make this a reality. We need some volunteers to help to spread the word. 

If anyone reading this is in America or Canada, we have the opportunity to provide tax receipts for donations from US or Canada. However, I'm not from either country so if you are connected on an email list or have some friends who might be interested, please share the info of what we are doing and have them be in touch with us for more information. Or you can share the link to our crowd fundraiser.

If you know anyone able to donate sturdy clothing racks, full length mirror and / or mannequins, that would help a whole lot too. 

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Shoshanah Shear of Chessed Ve'Emet

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