Sunday, 26 July 2015

Free Bridal Gowns to Orphan Kallot

Everyone loves to see a beautiful bride! It puts a smile on one's face or brings a tear to the eye! Most little girls dream of their wedding day and happily act out being a bride in their beautiful white bridal gown!

Imagine for a moment a bride-to-be having to arrange her wedding alone... Her beloved father, mother or both are no longer in this world. She may or may not have received any inheritance. Imagine approaching the most important day of anyone's life, without loving parents and sometimes other family too.

At Chessed Ve'Emet, we know the dreams of the little girl and just how important it is for every bride to have a beautiful wedding, even if it is a small one. At Chessed Ve'Emet we believe that everyone has the right to begin their new home in dignity.

As a result we have established an addition to our Bayit Chadash Wedding Project. We have 60 bridal gowns which will be loaned free of charge to orphan Kallot (Jewish brides) marrying and setting up their home in Israel. We have a dream of a very special centre that will help orphan brides and grooms (Kallot and Chatanim) in a meaningful and unique manner, taking all their needs into account. If we could fulfil our full dream, this will include empowering orphans to have a good strong income as they begin their new phase of married life.

We invite you to be a part of making something very special happen! Please visit our crowd fundraiser ( where you can learn more about this awesome project, make a generous donation and share the link with your friends.  For more about the activities of Chessed Ve'Emet, see our main web page

Thank you for your kindness.

Shoshanah Shear

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