Friday, 14 August 2015

Bringing Simchah to an Orphan Kallah

I had some fun yesterday, meeting the Kallah to select a few items that she needed. We found a good Tallit (Nusach Sefardi), an attractive Tallit bag and a Neigel Vasser. The items are seen in the above photograph. Thank you to our kind donors for assisting with these important items. Now the Kallah can give the customary gift to her Chatan of a Tallit and Tallit bag.

The Kallah is still in need of two mattress covers to protect the mattresses, some head scarves, a Sheital and a few other smaller items.

The Kallah is coming to Chuppah, G-d willing on Chet Elul, so time is of the essence. If you have not seen our previous post, the Kallah was orphaned from her mother just 7 months ago due to a surgical error. The loss of their mother has had a very great effect on the Kallah and the rest of her family.

Please help us to bring Simchah to this Kallah. Tax receipts are available to those donating via check from Israel, US or Canada. Please be in touch for how to donate.

If you have new items to donate, please be in touch to to co-ordinate what you have to donate.

Thank you for your kindness

Shoshanah Shear

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