Thursday, 20 August 2015

So Close and Yet So Very Far

A few days ago I was out working to help our new orphan Kallah when I got a phone call that 32 of our bridal dresses were at our front door and where was I. Well, since I was not notified in advance, I was out.

He agreed to take the dresses back and bring them the next day at a mutually agreed upon time and agreed to lend us a clothes stand to hang the dresses on until we obtained our own. 

Thanks to assistance from many caring Yidden, we managed to pay for the dry cleaning of the 32 dresses and prepared to be at the temporary location at 8 pm to receive them. Three quarters of an hour before I decided to confirm the time only to be told it would be 8.30 pm. OK, that's doable.

The dresses arrived but without a stand. At the last minute he decided not to loan us a stand and we were stuck. The dresses were received and laid out on beds, sofas, wherever was possible. In the meantime we set to work to find an alternative. 

Amongst our networking we heard that a store was closing and selling some store equipment. We tried to be in touch and were told, call back again in half an hour then another half an hour then another. Oh dear, more networking and nothing progressed.

The next day we set to work again to either obtain one or two sturdy clothes stands that we could borrow until we can afford to purchase our own or donations to be able to purchase new ones. By Hashgachah Pratit we were put in touch with the owner of the store that is closing and offered ONE stand. I raced over, took a look and was unsure what to respond. In the top image you can see the stand is rusted from having been outside. The height can no longer be adjusted due to rust and one wheel is broken as seen in the image below.

In addition was the problem of how to transport it as the rust meant it could not be easily taken apart. I set to work calling taxis, mini-movers, going into the hardware store and brainstorming. What solution was there and could this stand work even as a short-term measure.

The cost of transporting the stand was quoted as ₪100 - ₪250 plus costs involved to fix it up. OY, would it work? I was just about to give up when one of the taxis called me and wanted to know where the stand was to look and see if it could fit into his van. Amazingly he decided he could work a plan and next thing I knew he was downstairs to collect me and transport the stand (and me) to the temporary bridal gown venue. Yes there was a cost but less than the others had quoted.

I could hardly believe it. Timing somehow worked, after much time and effort we had a stand ..... or did we.
We began to place a few of the dresses on the stand only to discover it is too short and can not be adjusted due to the rust. Also there is risk that the rust will damage the dresses. 

Off I went again to gather more information. The cost to sand off and treat the stand, paint it with a paint that both treats and protects the metal from rust returning and from rust peeling off onto the bridal gowns plus cost of a new wheel and time of working on this added up, add to this the amount to transport the stand and it was no longer worth fixing up. 

If you are interested in our Bridal Gown Gemach, our current goal is to cover the ₪790 required to purchase two new sturdy clothes stands, including tax and transport. If anyone can assist, tax receipts are available for donations made via check.

Please be in touch if you can assist.

Thank you for caring

Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet

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