Monday, 10 August 2015

The first of our Elul Kallot

We have just interviewed a very sweet Kallah due to get married in just two weeks. Polite, respectful and appreciative of any assistance that is given to her. This Kallah is the third child of 8 children. She spent a bit of time doing a course to provide sport and music groups to preschool children and was enjoying starting to work. She is not yet earning even a minimum wage as her monthly salary, but had motivation and dedication to gain experience and progress in her work, until 7 months ago when her world was turned upside down. 

The family had happily enjoyed a Bar Mitzvah of one of her brothers when her mother began to experience abdominal pain. Doctors thought it was something minor but results of tests made them change their diagnosis and her mother was admitted for surgery to remove a growth. Sadly, due to a surgical error, the mother began to hemorrhage and did not survive the surgery. 

The parents had been working together to develop a printing service. The mother was involved in the graphic and print related work and the father was more involved in ordering supplies and serving customers. The loss of the mother has meant not only not having a loving mother to run the home but the loss of a main part of the business too.

As a result, our young Kallah is having to prepare her wedding alone and needs help to begin her own home. We have managed to assist with some items for the home but the Kallah still requires the following:

Set of mattress protectors for two single beds for the new couple (the type of beds that can separate or be pushed together as needed)
Mayim Acharonim preferably silver
Neigel Vasser
Scarves to cover her hair (she prefers black, cream or blue)
A Sheital, preferably custom
Pocket size Shmirat HaLashon in Hebrew 
A Tallit and cover for the Tallit for the Kallah to give as a gift to her Chatan
Someone to do the hair for her sisters. She has had an offer for her own hair and make-up but not for her sisters.

If anyone has new items to donate or are able to make a monetary donation towards starting the home of an orphan Kallah, please be in touch. Tax receipts available to those donating via check.

Please give generously to assist this very sweet Kallah

Thank you for your kindness

Shoshanah Shear

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