Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Everything Has a Purpose

I have just opened up a bag of items that came in to our Gemach in order to begin our section for renting out items for Schtick to use at weddings. The above image shows a basket of colourful fun to bring joy to Jewish brides at their wedding. We have:
- pink and white silk flower chains (lei)
- multi colour silk flower chains (lei)
- red and yellow silk flower chains (lei)
- flashing bracelets
- shakers with balls inside that glow or provide flashing light

The last item could be a problem for me to come into the room of our Gemach / store and see these flashing lights so I thought of what I can drape over the basket that wont cause a problem to anyone with sensory problems or for me when working in the room. Suddenly I remembered an item sitting with the arts and crafts things that I have been wondering for years how to use. 

Years ago when I was working at Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa all of the occupational therapists in the department at the time sewed a special square to make up a quilt. I forget at the moment what we made this for, I think to raffle as a fundraiser, but that detail for the moment escapes me. One of the squares was made into a cushion cover and all the OT's who contributed to the quilt had the opportunity to win the cushion cover. I was blessed with winning it, except for one problem. The shape is a little different to the regular fillers for hand made cushions. I have not managed to find one suitable and so the beautiful cushion cover has been neatly folded waiting for the right time to be used. 

I am so happy to say I found the perfect use for it? 

As you can see in the above photograph, it covers the basket of items for Schtick perfectly and now the flashing shakers will only be seen when worked with or at a wedding. 

What a powerful lesson. All it takes is a little patience and creativity and it is possible to find a good purpose for everything.

Have a blessed day and be in touch if you would like to rent items for Schtick for a wedding. Prices still being worked on, proceeds helps us to bring Simchah (joy) to orphan brides.

Shanah Tova U'Metukah

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