Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Turning the Darkness to Light

The foods that we eat on Rosh HaShanah are symbolic of the year we will have ahead of us. One of these fruits typically eaten on Rosh HaShanah is the pomegranate. This year shopping for yummy looking pomegranates was quite a challenge. It has been quite a lesson to watch the decrease in quality of fruits and vegetables as the Shmita year draws to an end. There definitely is something special about the land of Israel and the fruits grown in Israel by Jews attest to it. 

As we looked at one tiny pomegranate after another, suddenly I noticed one that looked a little larger, a little redder and perfect in shape. Happy with my pomegranate, I took care of it for a few days eagerly awaiting the Jewish New Year to cut it open and make a blessing on the tasty fruit. 

To my dismay, when I cut it open the inside was black. My heart sank. Please, it can not be that a bad year is ahead. 

A friend on FaceBook kindly said this is the readiness for growth. 

Well, we went visiting a neighbour and managed to obtain pink and white pomegranate seeds and a few delicious dates thrown in for good measure. Rosh HaShanah was a special time despite the heat, but looking at the news makes my heart sink once more.

The only thing I can think of is to increase in acts of kindness and so I appeal to any caring Jew reading this post to please, visit our updated campaign, share it with your friends, make a donation and help us to turn the darkness to light and good and kindness and truth. We need a sweet year. Together we can change it for good.

If you are wondering how to access the campaign click on the highlighted words and it will take you to the page.  Or you can visit our website and see the progress.

Thank you for your kindness. May the year ahead be sweet and wonderful.

Shoshanah Shear

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