Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Learning from Nature

Someone recently came to this blog searching for "learning from nature". It made me think! What lesson can we learn that is pertinent to today? I thought of a number of photographs I have taken of flowers and the various insects that fly around, sit on and benefit from the flowers. Let us look at the bee for a moment. Yes it might have a sting, but mostly, the sting is not the number one function of the bee. The bee will fly from flower to flower to collect the nectar. The bee benefits from the nectar in two ways, one for his muscles in order to fly and two to make honey.

The bee is also involved in pollination by spreading the pollen from flower to flower. I wont get into the biology here or the different kinds of bees and the difference between them; but an important fact is that the bee forms 80% of the insects involved in pollination. Thanks to the bee perching on flowers and collecting it's nectar, we as humans benefit both from the tasty and nutritious honey and flowers, fruits, vegetables and nuts continue to reproduce thanks to the bee.

The contrast of colour, shape, size etc between the bee and the flowers also provides a beauty in nature. If one needs to relax, spending a little time watching the bees and other insects in nature is very calming. Taking time to photograph, draw or paint the scene on sees is also relaxing.

What is the lesson here? If we work together, allowing each aspect of the beautiful creation that G-d gave us, then everyone benefits. If a flower does not have the insects for pollination they will die without further flowers of that kind. If the bee does not have the flowers, they will not produce honey or be able to carry out their other functions. If the flower and the bee refuse to work together, everyone misses out. There needs to be co-operation. There needs to be variety. But there also needs to be respect that a bee can not become a flower and a flower can not become a bee. They each contribute to the healthy, beautiful functioning of our planet by doing what they do best in the role G-d gave to them.

A few words of inspiration for you by 
Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet

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