Sunday, 15 November 2015

Getting to Know You!

Getting to know our audience. A few days ago, someone challenged me to chat to someone in our audience during the week. It could be on FB, in a FB group, a reader to one of our blogs. The challenge sounded interesting so I began to make contact. So far I have messaged a few followers to our FB groups and invited them to chat on Skype for 5 minutes. I have posted in our FB groups inviting any of our members to chat with us for 5 minutes on Skype. So far we have not had anyone take us up on the offer.

This time I am taking it to one of our blogs and inviting any of the readers who follow this blog to be in touch. We'd love to get to know you better. We'd love to hear what kind of posts you enjoy, what you are looking for and just to get to know you a little more.

I would like to think that social networking has not totally robbed us of regular communication. What do you say? Are you interested in chatting for 5 min on Skype?

If you would like a theme to the conversation, then one question that is upper most on my mind is what area of Torah would you like to learn and what do you think about learning Torah online?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Shoshanah Shear 

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