Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Our Developing Bridal Gown Gemach

Yesterday I spoke to someone who runs a Bridal Gown Gemach in a different city. During the conversation, she mentioned that the prices for her bridal gown rental ranges from ₪1000 - ₪1900. She listened to my goal to offer lower prices for our bridal gown rental and a service to orphans of paying for the dry cleaning only. She thought it a nice idea but said with all the work and expenses involved, the only way this can be done is if we have a sponsor for each orphan Kallah's gown. 

The time taken to help a Kallah to select her bridal gown is 1-2 hours and there are times a Kallah might select her gown, go through alterations etc and then disappear. Presumably having found something else although there are times too that a wedding gets cancelled. Still, time and expenses were incurred and somehow have to be covered.

This is one goal we have for the sale of household and other items. We invite you to come and visit our developing sale of items. A percentage of the price you pay goes towards helping to continue to grow our service helping orphans in a meaningful way. Currently, some of the items are on our FB page ready for sale. We are working towards being able to upgrade our website so as to activate the shipping calculator and other eCommerce features in order to have online sales happening too. Online sales will be for items that are easy to ship and not breakable. All other items are available from us in person. 

Regarding our items for sale, we are busy researching the most appropriate type of store to develop this into. If you now of a good business consultant who is prepared to offer some guidance, we are on the look out for the right business consultant.

If you like what we are developing, there are a few other ways you can get involved. You can  sponsor the rental of a bridal gown for an orphan Kallah. Our bridal gown rental prices are currently at under ₪1000.

If you have sewing skills on a level to repair or alter bridal gowns and you live in or near Jerusalem, you can volunteer your time and expertise for bridal gown alternations. Some of our bridal gowns are in need of repairs before we start to show them to Kallot. We had someone who was going to assist but she is currently overseas.

Next on the agenda, will be a lovely slide show, being prepared as we type, to help you see why renting suitable space is so very important at this time.

Thank you to anyone interested in the very big Mitzvah of Hachnasat Kallah, especially for orphan brides in Jerusalem.

Have a very blessed day

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