Monday, 25 January 2016

Be Kind to Your Fellow

Why should we do acts of kindness? Why be kind to an animal, nature or a stranger? 

When we brought out our first kids book about the kindness shown to a lost turtle and how he finds his way to freedom, these were questions asked. Why should we be kind to animals?

The question has bothered me for months since reading that question. For those who do not understand the benefits and value of kindness, the following group of blog posts is for you. I hope by sharing video's or thoughts that show how someone can be kind to another, that you will begin to appreciate that kindness is important, after all, the world was created through kindness.

This person received a reward in return. Sometimes the reward is not seen for months or years and sometimes it does not come in this world. The reward is not the reason to be kind. Be kind anyway.

Have a blessed day and remember, random acts of kindness can hasten the final redemption

Shoshanah Shear

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