Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Confusion of Whether to Open an Amuta

Many years ago, I had an idea of a treatment centre that I wanted to develop. I knew it would require funding and have put in lots of effort to try to come up with the business structure and appropriate funds. Over the years, I have adapted some of the services and now sit with whether to continue for profit only and try to obtain seed funding or grants or crowd funding in order to go to the next level or whether to add a not for profit section to our work in order to be able to receive proper donations.

For quite a few years now, every time I mentioned wanting to learn more about what an Amuta is, how it functions and whether it will be the appropriate business structure for me, even if in part, I keep hearing don't do it. I turn to an accountant and he says "but no-one gives" Hm, he's a Jew, how can he say no-one gives. Isn't there a Mitzvah to give Tzeddakah?

I turn to another he says don't do it. I try approaching a lawyer, one says don't another says pay first and we can talk later. I go online and find some info but it is in such legal jargon that I don't follow it. Where do I find a document that makes it simple?

The next few accountants I have turned to make it sound like one can begin a very good service and have it go to someone else. It sounds like once one goes the next step, it no longer is your own work. 

How can it be that in the land promised to Avraham Avinu and his children through Yitzhak and Yaakov that trying to do good and trying to increase kindness will be met with such resistance. Why is the process so hard? This world was built with kindness. There is a concept in Torah of kindness and truth. So why is it so very hard to obtain the basic information necessary to continue ones work and do some good? Why are so many against an Amuta? Why are so many so anti kindness and helping orphans?

Where are those Yidden who agree with the concept of charity and who listen to the Torah that one of the most important areas of charity is to assist the widow and the orphan.

If you are reading this and have answers to the process of opening an Amuta and to how to keep this work as being in the merit of my father Nathan Gershon ben Nathan a"h please can you be in touch and help me to find the answers that surely must exist. I am told that in Tel Aviv there are thousands of Amutot, if so, how were they set up? 

If there are business consultants who can help me to reach my goals by improving my services and having this for profit then I am happy to hear from them too. 

However, if you are someone who disagrees with kindness to the widow and the orphan, please refrain from commenting, I have had enough of negative responses. For those who do not agree, I invite you to study some Torah. Open the Chumash and read for yourself the importance of this Mitzvah.

Looking forward to obtaining necessary answers.

Shoshanah Shear

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